Aviation Museums - my photographs from museums across Europe and the Americas

(currently many of my pictures from the Smithsonian, USAF Museum and others in USA and Canada, as well as more European collections are pre-digital. They are being scanned from slides and will be added gradually over a period of time.) All the pictures on the website are reduced resolution. The full files can be made available, e-mail me for details.

Georgia - Warner-Robbins AFB Museum - a visit in August 2012

California - Travis AFB Museum and Castle AFB Museum - some pictures from visits in August 1995, scanned from slides, added February 2007.

Trenton AFB, Canada - the Canadian Air Force Museum - pictures from a visit on 20 June 2005.

Ottawa, Canada - the Canada Aviation Museum - pictures from a visit on 19 June 2005.

Pensacola, Florida - US Navy Aviation Museum pictures are scanned from slides taken in August 1998, added here August 2006.

Polk City, Florida - Fantasy of Flight - Kermit Weeks museum. More pictures scanned from slides taken in August 1998.

Malta - T'Qali - museum, February 2004.

Bradley, Connecticut - a few shots from the New England Air Museum which are scanned from prints - not as good as slide scans!

Sinsheim, Germany - Auto und Technik Museum

Speyer, Germany - Technikmuseum

Gatow, Berlin Germany - Luftwaffe Museum in August 2003

Vigna di Valle the superb Italian AirForce Museum, some 30km north of Rome

Dubendorf Switzerland - Swiss AirForce Museum

..and of course, we have good museums in the UK as well:

Hendon - RAF Museum

Duxford - Imperial War Museum (to come soon)

Salisbury Hall - de Havilland Heritage Museum (to come soon)
(formerly known as the Mosquito Aircraft Museum)

The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden (to come soon)


There is also a collection of my pictures of aircraft and airfields at;865/